Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Perspectives from the frontline of two North American community paramedicine programs: an observational, ethnographic study

Angela C Martin

Ms Angela Martin

qualifications: PhD Candidate, GDipN (Emerg), BN, Dip.ParaSci (Amb), Dip.Mgt Cert IV Training & Assessment.

contribution: Study conception and design, Drafting of manuscript

position: Regional Team Leader/Paramedic

Angela Martin has been a Paramedic with the SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) since February 2003 and in her current position as Regional Team Leader, she manages, recruits and trains Cert IV Volunteer Ambulance Officers in the Adelaide Plains region. Angela’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (Emergency), Diploma in Paramedical Science, Diploma in Management and Cert IV Training & Assessment. Angela is currently undertaking a PhD in research (Community Paramedicine) and through her published research, has been a key advocate and driver for the development and implementation of Community Paramedicine in Australia, in particular South Australia. Her awards include: SA Ambulance Service, Paramedics Australasia ASM Rod Kershaw Scholarship Recipient (2013); SA Ambulance Service Clinical Excellence Commendation in Professional Development (2017) and SA Emergency Services Medal for distinguished and meritorious service of the highest order (2018).

Peter  O'Meara

Prof Peter O'Meara

qualifications: PhD, FPA

contribution: Analysis and interpretation of data, Critical revision

position: Adjunct Professor

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