Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Skill shortages in health: innovative solutions using vocational education and training

Sue  Kilpatrick

Sue Kilpatrick

qualifications: PhD

contribution: designed the project, supervised data collection, original concept, contributed to drafts

position: Director, University Department of Rural Health


Prof Kilpatrick's research interests are social capital, agriculture, small business and vocational education and training in regional Australia. She has published extensively in these areas besides working as a consultant and researcher with rural communities at the local level. She has been particularly interested in researching the way small rural communities can develop partnerships tohelp their regions prosper.

Susan  Johns

Susan Johns

qualifications: MEd(Research)

position: Junior Research Fellow


Susan Johns is a Junior Research Fellow and PhD Candidate at the University Department of Rural Health, Tasmania. Her academic qualifications include a BEd, BAdVocEd and MEd (Research), all from the University of Tasmania. Her research interests include partnerships between rural schoos, health services and community groups; the nature and impact of vocational education and training in rural Australia with a particular focus on youth, and educational and community leadership.

Pat  Millar

Pat Millar

qualifications: PhD

position: Junior Research Fellow

Quynh  Le

Quynh Le

qualifications: PhD

position: Lecturer


Dr. Quynh Le is a Lecturer and ICI Coordinator at the University Department of Rural Health, Tasmania. Her academic qualifications include a B.Eng (Vietnam), GradDip AppComp. (Tasmania), M.Ed Studies (SA), M.AppComp (Tasmania), Diploma in Business Management (TAFE) and PhD (Curtin). Her teaching and research interests include courseware development, on-line teaching and learning, Web development, rural health issues, health informatics, social epidemiology, spatial analysis, multilevel modelling, computer assisted learning, instructional design, and quantitative research methodology.

Georgine  Routley

Georgine Routley

qualifications: MIPH

position: Associate Lecturer

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