Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Life or death. The social impact of paramedics and first responders in landmine-infested villages in northern Iraq

Torben  Wisborg

Torben Wisborg

qualifications: MD

contribution: original concept, designed the project, devised survey tool, literature review, collected data, wrote the first draft

position: Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


Anesthesiologist working with and researching on rural emergencies in Norway and low-income countries.

Mudhafar  Murad

Mudhafar Murad

qualifications: MD

contribution: collected data, original concept, contributed to drafts

position: Program manager

M. k. Murad 39 age Pg stusent intresting in trauma. prehospital management.

Odd  Edvardsen

Odd Edvardsen

qualifications: MPhHSc

contribution: original concept, designed the project, collected data, contributed to drafts

position: Lecturer

Berit S Brinchmann

Berit Brinchmann

qualifications: PhD

contribution: devised survey tool, contributed to drafts, methodological advice

position: Associate professor

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