Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Funding regimes and the implications for delivering quality palliative care nursing within residential aged care units in Australia

Sonia  Allen

Sonia Allen

position: Postgraduate student


Rural aspects of Health Management Research into rural and remote practice End-of-life and Palliative Care Nursing Care of the Aged

Margaret  O'Connor

Margaret O'Connor

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor

Ysanne  Chapman

Ysanne Chapman

qualifications: Associate Professor

position: Associate Professor


Ysanne is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Monash University. She currently holds the portfolio of teaching and learning. She has worked in Australia and the Middle East and has a keen interest in creative educational development. She has researched in the following areas of nursing: recruitment and retention, mandatory reporting, end of life care, rural nursing and curriculum development.

Karen  Francis

Karen Francis

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor


Rural nursing, nursing workforce, men's health, community practice, community development, health history

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