Candice  Manahan

Candice Manahan


Candice Manahan, a Michael Smith Foundation of Health Research Junior Research Trainee, is now working as the Research Facilitator for the Northern Cancer Control Strategy. The Northern Cancer Control Strategy is a unique collaboration between the BC Cancer Agency, the provinical health authority (PHSA), the regional health authority (Northern Health) and the Northern Medical Program at UNBC. She is actively facilitating cancer control research that can rapidly be translated into best practice and address the needs of northern and rural populations. Candice is originally from northern BC and has taken interest in a number of research areas pertaining to both rural and Aboriginal health. Her research strives to improve health care services and accessibility to services for individuals living in rural BC.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 8 October 2009

Personal characteristics and experiences of long-term allied health professionals in rural and northern British Columbia

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