Sagar  Dugani

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qualifications: MD, PhD, MPH

Sagar Dugani is an Assistant Professor and Research Chair in the Division of Hospital Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States. He provides care to adults hospitalized with general medical conditions. As a researcher, he serves as Director of HEXAGON, a research platform for hospital medicine across 16 Mayo Clinic hospitals in four U.S. states (Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). His research focuses on reducing health disparities, in particular, for rural populations and people of underserved race/ethnic groups. Sagar has healthcare experience from work in India, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States, and as a Consultant to The World Bank, Washington DC. His research is funded by the US National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH/NIMHD) and the Robert and Elizabeth Strickland Career Development Award. Twitter: @SagarDugani_MD

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