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Original Research

Prevalence of overweight and obesity among school children and parents: a cross-sectional study

Arslan HN, Dundar C, Terzi Ö.

Published 18 November 2021 Europe

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.Original Research

Parent perceptions of minimally invasive dental treatment of Australian Aboriginal pre-school children in rural and remote communities

Piggott S, Carter S, Forrest H, Atkinson D, Mackean T, Mcphee R, Arrow P.

Published 18 November 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Mid-career graduate practice outcomes of the James Cook University medical school: key insights from the first 20 years

Woolley T, Sen Gupta T, Paton K.

Published 16 November 2021 Australasia

Just Accepted - Abstract Available

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Project Report

Weaving Pathways: Talking with Our Elders

Owen MJ, Nalin PM, Bouverette CA, Carbone G, Neher C, Pederson E, Golden M.

Accepted 27 October 2021 North America

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Original Research

Using machine learning to identify factors associated with practice location of the healthcare workforce

Bounsanga J, Lipsky MS, Hon ES, Licari FW, Ruttinger C, Salt A, Hung M.

Accepted 12 October 2021 North America

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Original Research

Provision of specialized care in remote rural municipalities of the Brazilian semi-arid region

Almeida PF, Santos AM, Cabral LM, Bousquat A, Fausto MC.

Accepted 24 September 2021 Latin America

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Original Research

Coordinated speech therapy, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical care telehealth for people with Parkinson disease in rural communities: an exploratory, 8-week cohort study for feasibility, safety, and signal of efficacy

Cooley Hidecker M, Landers MR, Piccorelli A, Bush E, Singh R.

Accepted 22 September 2021 North America

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Review Article

Telehealth use in rural and remote health practitioner education: an integrative review

Calleja P, Wilkes S, Spencer M, Woodbridge S.

Accepted 16 September 2021 Australasia

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