Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Perceptions of UK medical students on rural clinical placements

Jennifer  Deaville

Jennifer Deaville

qualifications: PhD

contribution: collected data, contributed to drafts, literature review, original concept, devised survey tool

position: Research manager

United Kingdom

Jenny has a PhD in rural Geography (1998, Coventry University) and a Post-graduate diploma in Public Health and Epidemiology (1998, University of Birmingham). Prior to her current post as Research Manager for the Institute of Rural Health (IRH), she was Epidemiologist at Worcestershire Health Authority (1997-1998). She now has responsibility for the research function at IRH and has managed projects worth in excess of £330k over 5 years (funders have included the HSE, Welsh Assembly Government and Community Fund).

John  Wynn-Jones

Dr John Wynn-Jones

qualifications: MBBS

contribution: original concept, contributed to drafts

position: Director and senior lecturer in general practice

United Kingdom

Chair RuralWonca Senior Lecturer in Global and Rural Health, Keele University, UK

Richard B Hays

Prof Richard Hays

qualifications: MD

contribution: original concept, original concept, wrote the first draft, literature review

position: Professor of medical education


medical education, rural health care, workforce

Peter J Coventry

Peter Coventry

qualifications: MBBS

contribution: contributed to drafts, original concept

position: Senior lecturer in general practice

Robert K McKinley

Robert McKinley

qualifications: MD

contribution: contributed to drafts, original concept

position: Professor of academic general practice

Jane  Randall-Smith

Jane Randall-Smith

qualifications: MA

position: CEO

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