Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Using mobile clinics to deliver HIV testing and other basic health services in rural Malawi

Teri  Lindgren

Teri Lindgren

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant professor and specialty director

United States

community health, nursing, HIV and Africa

Karen  Deutsch

Karen Deutsch

qualifications: MS

position: Training Coordinator

Ellen  Schell

Ellen Schell

qualifications: PhD

position: International programs director

United States

Alice  Bvumbwe

Alice Bvumbwe

qualifications: SRN, CertMid

position: Southern region projects director

Kathryn B Hart

Kathryn Hart

qualifications: MA

position: Postgraduate student

Jones  Laviwa

Jones Laviwa

qualifications: MA

position: Country director

Sally  Rankin

Sally Rankin

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor and assistant dean

Key terms: rural Malawi, HIV and AIDS, maternal-child health, faith-based organizations, workforce issues

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