Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Difficulties in implementing an organized screening program for breast cancer in Brazil with emphasis on diagnostic methods

Thiago  Silva

Thiago Silva

qualifications: MSc

contribution: original concept, contributed to drafts, contributed to drafts, contributed to drafts

position: Research coordinator


Silva, TB. Researcher Coordinator of the Barretos Cancer Hospital.

Edmundo  Mauad

Edmundo Mauad

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Director

I am a medical doctor and Director of Barretos Cancer Hospital and Head of Early Cancer Detection Departmen for the last 14 years. I have done my Master Degree in England (Bristol University)and Ph.D in Brazil. I have been working with community intervention mainly poor population trying to convence then to do exams for early cancer detection. In Breast Cancer I work with organized screening and in Cervical, Prostate and Skin Cancer with opportunistic screening. I have 5 Mobile Units in my department for screening of cancer in region around Barretos city and others states close to Amazonas area.

André L Carvalho

André Carvalho

qualifications: PhD

position: Director

Linda A Jacobs

Linda Jacobs

qualifications: PhD

position: Director

Lawrence N Shulman

Lawrence Shulman

qualifications: MD

position: Director

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