Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Musculoskeletal disorders among hospital nurses in rural Japan

derek  smith

Derek Smith

qualifications: PhD

position: Researcher


Derek Richard Smith is a Researcher at the Department of Health Effects Research, National Institute of Industrial Health in Kawasaki, Japan and also a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Yamanashi in Yamanashi, Japan. He previous graduated with a BSc, MHSc and PhD from Australia. Dr Smith`s main interests are Nurses` Occupational Health, Ergonomics and Epidemiology.

Naoki  Kondo

Naoki Kondo

qualifications: MD

position: Researcher

Emiko  Tanaka

Emiko Tanaka

qualifications: RN

position: Nurse

Keiko  Hirasawa

Keiko Hirasawa

qualifications: RN, PHN

position: Nurse

Zentaro  Yamagata

Zentaro Yamagata

qualifications: MD, PhD

position: Professor

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