Profiles And Contributions To This Article

A database to record, track and report health student rural placements

Melissa  Whitrow

Melissa Whitrow

qualifications: BSc(Hons)

contribution: original concept, designed the project, wrote the first draft

position: Associate Lecturer

United Kingdom

Having previously worked in epidemiology and in rural health (at the Spencer Gulf Rural Health School) in Australia, I am currently working as a Career Development Fellow with the Ethnicity and Health Program of the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow, Scotland. My work is focused on data analysis and field work for the DASH study (Determinants of Adolescent Social well-being and Health), a longitudinal study of teenagers from disadvantaged inner London schools.

Warren  McKenzie

Warren McKenzie

qualifications: CIS DIP

contribution: original concept, designed the project, contributed to drafts

position: Information Systems Manager


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