Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Disparities in dental health of rural Australians: hospitalisation rates and utilisation of public dental services in three communities in North Queensland

Karen  Carlisle

Karen Carlisle

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Research coordinator

Sarah   Larkins

Sarah Larkins

qualifications: PhD

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Associate Dean

Professor Sarah Larkins is Associate Dean, Research, College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University. She is a health services researcher with special interests in rural and remote health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and training a fit-for-purpose health workforce.

Felicity  Croker

Felicity Croker

qualifications: PhD

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Clinical coordinator

Felicity Croker (PhD) is committed to educating an appropriately skilled health workforce for rural, remote and Indigenous communities. She is based at JCU and is actively engaged in research, teaching, clinical placements as well as health service governance in far north Queensland.

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