Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Cervical cancer screening in rural mountainous Honduras: knowledge, attitudes and barriers

Rachel  Pryor

Rachel Pryor

qualifications: MPH

contribution: original concept, designed the project, devised survey tool, literature review, collected data, input data, statistical analysis, wrote the first draft, collected data, contributed to drafts

position: Public Health Nurse

Nadia  Masroor

Nadia Masroor

qualifications: BS

contribution: devised survey tool, contributed to drafts

position: Project Coordinator

Michael   Stevens

Michael Stevens

qualifications: MD

contribution: supervised data collection, contributed to drafts

position: Assistant Professor of Medicine/ Division of Infectious Diseases; Associate Hospital Epidemiologist Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program; Director, Travel & Tropical Medicine Clinic

Kakotan  Sanogo

Kakotan Sanogo

qualifications: MS

contribution: statistical analysis

position: Bio-Statistician

Pedro José  Hernández O'Hagan

Pedro José Hernández O'Hagan

qualifications: Bachelor of Theology

contribution: designed the project, contributed to drafts

position: Catholic Priest of Parroquia San Jorge

Gonzalo  Bearman

Gonzalo Bearman

qualifications: MD

contribution: contributed to drafts, original concept

position: Richard P. Wenzel Professor of Medicine Chair, Division of Infectious Diseases Hospital Epidemiologist

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