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Therapeutic itineraries in rural and urban areas: a Portuguese study

Berta  Nunes

Berta Nunes

qualifications: PhD

position: Family Doctor


IŽm Berta Nunes a member of Euripa and a family doctor from Portugal working in a rural area (Alfândega da Fé in the northwest of Portugal).

IŽm working as a voluntary assistent with the Department of Family Medicine from the University of Porto (also called Oporto, the second biggest city of Portugal in the north). We receive students from the last year of Faculty, to show how we work in rural areas. I'm also Professor of Medical Anthropology in the University of Trás -os Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) in Miranda do Douro, another small city near Alfândega da Fé where I work as a family doctor in the local Health Center. I'm also the representative of our National Association of General Practitioners in Euripa, and the coordinator of Portuguese rural group of doctors.

Maria João  Sena Esteves

Maria João Sena Esteves

qualifications: PhD

position: Family Doctor

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