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The education part of telehealth

Barbara  Cunningham

Barbara Cunningham

qualifications: MBA

position: Project Coordinator

United States

I am Project Coordinator for a multi-million dollar research organization, the ISU Institute of Rural Health, where we conduct health services and medical research. My particular project is one that uses technology to increase access to quality health care in rural and frontier areas. It is called Telehealth Idaho. I have been working at the ISU Institute of Rural Health for eleven years and on this particular project for approximately three years. and

Beth   Hudnall Stamm

Beth Hudnall Stamm

qualifications: PhD

position: Director, Research Professor

United States

B. Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D., holds degrees in psychology and statistics at Appalachian State University (BS, MA) and University of Wyoming (Ph.D.). Stamm is a Research Professor, Director of Telehealth, and Director of the Idaho State University Institute of Rural Health. Stamm has been recognized by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies for "fundamental contributions to the international public understanding of trauma, " with a Presidential Citation for work in secondary traumatic stress, telehealth and rural from the American Psychological Association and as one of the United State's Distinguished Researchers by the National Rural Health Association. Working primarily with rural underserved peoples, Stamm's efforts focuses on health policy, cultural trauma, and secondary traumatic stress among health care providers where telehealth figures prominently. Stamm's work is used in over 30 countries and diverse fields including health care, bioterrorism and disaster responding, news media, and the military. Stamm is at home in a log cabin in the mountains of Idaho with an historian-spouse and guide dog, Sophie.

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