Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Urban–suburban differences in the demographics and clinical profiles of type 2 diabetic patients attending primary healthcare centres in Malta

Tania  Cardona

Dr Tania Cardona

qualifications: MD (Melit), MSc

contribution: Study conception and design, Study conception and design, Drafting of manuscript

position: Specialist Trainee in Public Health Medicine

Neville  Calleja

Prof Neville Calleja

qualifications: MD, MSc (Lond), MSc PhD (Open), MFPH, C.Stat, C.Sci, FRSPH, DLSHTM

contribution: Analysis and interpretation of data

position: Public Health Consultant

Glorianne  Pullicino

Dr Glorianne Pullicino

qualifications: MSc (Public Health Medicine), MRCGP (INT), MMCFD

contribution: Study conception and design, Critical revision

position: Assistant Lecturer


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