Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Population density and suicide in Scotland

Cameron  Stark

Cameron Stark

qualifications: MPH

contribution: original concept, designed the project, wrote the first draft

position: Honorary senior lecturer

United Kingdom

Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Highland, Inverness, Scotland and Honorary Reader, Centre for Rural Health, University of Aberdeen ( My main research interests are in mental health, including suicide and self-harm, and in rural health.

Paddy  Hopkins

Paddy Hopkins

qualifications: MPH

position: Honorary research fellow

United Kingdom

I have worked for the NHS for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge of NHS information and data. Since moving to the Highlands in 1997, a remote and rural area, I have been working closely with colleagues in Public Health, and the Centre for Rural Health. I have a Masters in Public Health from Glasgow University and my research interests are in demography, suicide and deliberate self harm, the underpinning socio-economic factors of health and wellbeing, reducing health inequalities, and assessing the rural impact upon health and well being. I am also pursuing voluntary registration as a Specialist in Public Health.

Diane  Gibbs

Diane Gibbs

qualifications: MSc

position: Statistician

Alan  Belbin

Alan Belbin

qualifications: MB, ChB

position: General practitioner

Alistair  Hay

Alistair Hay

qualifications: FRCPsych

position: Consultant psychiatrist

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