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Original Research

Early impact of the PEN HEARTS package to manage noncommunicable diseases in Bhutan: a mixed-methods evaluation

Tenzin K, Sabin LL, Wangchuk W, Choden K, Feeley F, Zam S, Halim N, Banigbe B, Letho Z, George ER, Yangden K, Beard J, West R, Dorji G.

Published 2 August 2022 Asia

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Original Research

The impact of politics, religion, and rurality on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Oregon: a cross-sectional study

Morrison T.

Published 1 August 2022 North America

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Personal View

Informed consent: who are we informing?

O'Shea M.

Published 26 July 2022 North America

Just Accepted - Abstract Available

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Review Article

Comparing rural traffic safety in Canada and Australia: a scoping review of the literature

Mason HM, Randall J, Leggat PA, Voaklander D, Franklin RC.

Accepted 9 August 2022 North America

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Project Report

A framework for nursing practice in rural and remote Canada

Pavloff M, Edge DS, Kulig J.

Accepted 16 June 2022 North America

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Original Research

Rural–urban differences in breast and colorectal cancer screening among US women, 2014–2019

Theodoropoulos N, Xie H, Wang Q, Wen C, Li Y.

Accepted 16 June 2022 North America

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‘Most nurses in the rural or remote health clinics run away from their job due to no remote allowances and poor working equipment and environment'. Health professional leaders’ perception of shortages in the nursing workforce in underserved areas in Vanuatu

A systematic review of the health and health care of rural sexual and gender minorities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

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