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Original Research

Frequency and determinants of technical procedures in French general practice: a cross-sectional study

Pointis V, Panjo H, Schott A, Letrilliart L.

Published 25 May 2023 Europe

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Original Research

Barriers to rural health care from the provider perspective

Maganty A, Byrnes ME, Hamm M, Wasilko R, Sabik LM, Davies BJ, Jacobs BL.

Published 17 May 2023 North America

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Original Research

Developing conceptually sound items for a clinical courage questionnaire

Brooks R, White IA, Walters L, Williams S, Couper I, Konkin J, Campbell DG.

Published 7 May 2023 Australasia

Just Accepted - Abstract Available

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Original Research

Recruiting the next generation of rural healthcare practitioners: the impact of an online mentoring program on career and educational goals in rural youth

Oshiro J, Wisener K, Nash A, Stanley B, Jarvis-Selinger S.

Accepted 16 May 2023 North America

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Original Research

Massive testing in the Galapagos Islands and low positivity rate to control SARS-CoV-2 spread during the first semester of the COVID-19 pandemic: a story of success for Ecuador and South America

Vallejo-Janeta A, Morales-Jadan D, Velez A, Vega-Marino P, Freire-Paspuel B, Paredes-Espinosa MB, Rodriguez Pazmiño AS, Castillo P, Masaquiza C, Rivera-Olivero I, Ortiz-Prado E, Henriquez-Trujillo AR, Coronel B, Galvis H, Jaramillo T, Lozada T, UDLA COVID-19 team, Garcia-Bereguiain M.

Accepted 5 May 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Defining quality of preventive oral health services in a northern First Nations community: a concept mapping study

Brown-Walkus J, Smylie J, Borkhoff CM, Hardy B, Salmon C, Duncan F, Lawrence HP.

Accepted 19 April 2023 North America

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Original Research

Implementation of telehealth primary health care services in a rural Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods study

Beks H, Mitchell F, Charles J, Wong Shee A, McNamara K, Versace VL.

Accepted 11 April 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and human papillomavirus infections of lower genital tract of Indigenous women from Xingu Indigenous Park

Correa Porto CR, Longatto-Filho A, De Almeida BC, Bonetti TC, Kamaiurá SA, Diaz RS, Heinke T, Curi F, Santana IV, Queiroz MM, Rodrigues DA, De Gois Speck NM.

Accepted 4 March 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Diarrheal disease and associations with water access and sanitation in Indigenous Shawi children along the Armanayacu River basin in Peru

Torres-Slimming PA, Carcamo CP, Wright CJ, Lancha G, Zavaleta-Cortijo C, King N, Ford JD, IHACC Research Team, Harper SL.

Accepted 2 March 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Reviewing academic coordination on the rural distributed training platform in South Africa

Muller JV, Van Niekerk J, Donald H, Du Plessis E.

Accepted 1 March 2023 Africa

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Original Research

Overweight children in rural Norway – public health nurses’ possibilities and limitations within national guidelines

Heggem R, Gjøsund G, Zahl-Thanem A, Brigham A.

Accepted 19 February 2023 Europe

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Original Research

Factors influencing University of Papua New Guinea medical imaging science students considering rural radiography careers

Pape R, Spuur KM, Wilkinson JM.

Accepted 14 February 2023 Australasia

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Project Report

The Kimberley Dental Team: a volunteer-based model of care serving remote Aboriginal communities

Patel J, Long R, Durey A, Naoum S, Kruger E, Slack-Smith L.

Accepted 14 February 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Effects of psychosocial support-based psychoeducation for Turkish pregnant adolescents on anxiety, depression and perceived social support: a randomized controlled study

Ediz Ç, Kavak Budak F.

Accepted 8 February 2023 Europe

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Original Research

Traditional health services utilization in rural Indonesia: does socioeconomic status matter?

Suharmiati S, Laksono AD, Nantabah ZK, Kristiana L.

Accepted 6 February 2023 Asia

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Original Research

Outcomes from a collaborative project developing and evaluating a community rehabilitation worker program for Northwestern Ontario First Nations

Moeller H, Taylor D, Baxter R, Denton A, French E, Hill M, Klarner T, Nothing W, Quequish M, Rae J, Reinikka K, Strickland S.

Accepted 1 February 2023 North America

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Original Research

Extent of caregiver burden among informal caregivers of persons with severe mental disorders in rural South Africa

Silaule O, Nkosi NG, Adams F.

Accepted 19 January 2023 Africa

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Original Research

Resilience, depression and their effect on nurse retention: a survey in rural Indonesia

Buntoro IF, Folamauk CL, Nurina R, Kleden SS, Handoyo NE.

Accepted 13 January 2023 Asia

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Original Research

Significant delay and decreased chance of treatment for acute ischemic stroke patients on remote outer islets of China compared with the main island: the PUTUO Study

Xia B, Liu N, Hu L, Zhu H, Zhong B, Zhang Z, Lin J, Kang Y.

Accepted 13 January 2023 Asia

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Original Research

Relative remoteness and wage differentials in the Canadian allied health professional workforce

Gupta N, Gulliver A, Singh P.

Accepted 13 January 2023 North America

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Original Research

Perceptions of quality of life by female sex workers from the rural area of the Sertão Produtivo Baiano, Brazil: a phenomenological study

Couto PS, Porcino C, Pereira SS, Flores TD, Vilela AB, Gomes AM, Suto CS, Silva DD, França LC.

Accepted 5 September 2022 Latin America

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