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United States

Reshmi Singh's research is focused on patient engagement (activation), health literacy, and patient centered research to improve patient medication experiences and health outcomes. She is affiliated with the Wyoming Institute of Disabilities (WIND) in improving patient and family engagement and hence quality of life of persons with disabilities with the Wyoming Family to Family Health Information Center (WY F2F HIC) project. Dr. Singh's expertise, experience and training are in survey research and qualitative research methods (focus groups, phenomenology). Overall, healthcare access and disparities by virtue of rural location are issues that affect patient 'care seeking', outcomes and communities at large. Dr. Singh has previously applied qualitative methods to understand how patients (college students; long term users) using antidepressant therapies make decisions about their medications and health. Her research agenda is to further ways and means to improve patient engagement and examine the role of health literacy in patients' seeking of and access to healthcare. This is especially important in a rural state like Wyoming.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 13 January 2022

Coordinated speech therapy, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical care telehealth for people with Parkinson disease in rural communities: an exploratory, 8-week cohort study for feasibility, safety, and signal of efficacy

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