Ani  Etokidem

Ani Etokidem


I am a physician at the Department of Community Medicine and Primary Healthcare, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Nigeria,and also the National co-ordinator of a non-profit organisation called HEALTH SUSTENANCE ACTION, ASH, based in Calabar, Nigeria. My organisation has since found out that whenever one mentions any disease in Africa, be it malaria or HIV/AIDS, one is , infact mentioning poverty.Every rural dweller in Africa has that obnoxious word 'POVERTY' boldly wrtitten on his face. And what does this mean to you when you realise that some 75% Africans are rural dwellers? African poverty is increasingly wearing a feminine mask.We`have therefore embarked on apoverty alleviation programme which targets women.We also have an HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support for PLWAs program.If you are in Nigeria, you can contact us at :HEALTH SUSTENANCE ACTION,ASH, PO Box 3124, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Phone:+234-80-2329-7130

Articles contributed to by this person

Conference Report 1 June 2004

Reframing the HIV/AIDS debate in developing countries II: case stories of Nigerian rural people living with HIV/AIDS

Personal View 12 May 2004

Oil doom and AIDS boom in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

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