John  Humphreys

John Humphreys


Current research interests include:

  • the social and spatial patterns of need for health related services in rural areas,
  • rural health workforce recruitment and retention,
  • the role and contribution of services to the health and wellbeing of communities,
  • the provision of appropriate education, training and support for rural health workers and implementation of innovative service delivery models in order to provide sustainable health care in small rural and remote communities,
  • the evaluation of rural health care planning and policies, and
  • rural community development.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 12 January 2018

University Departments of Rural Health: is a national network of multidisciplinary academic departments in Australia making a difference?

Original Research 26 May 2017

Is remote health different to rural health?

Original Research 28 April 2017

Measuring the attractiveness of rural communities in accounting for differences of rural primary care workforce supply

Original Research 30 March 2017

What does it cost to provide equity of access to high quality, comprehensive primary health care in rural Australia? A pilot study

Original Research 9 March 2016

Meeting the primary healthcare needs of small rural communities: lessons for health service planners

Original Research 6 October 2015

How good are routinely collected primary healthcare data for evaluating the effectiveness of health service provision in a remote Aboriginal community?

Original Research 20 July 2015

Re-orienting a remote acute care model towards a primary health care approach: key enablers

Original Research 20 November 2006

Essential tips for measuring levels of consumer satisfaction with rural health service quality

Original Research 23 August 2004

Rural GPs' ratings of initiatives designed to improve rural medical workforce recruitment and retention

Original Research 18 June 2004

Doctors' perspectives on the viability of rural practice

Commentary 16 November 2014

Investing in longitudinal studies of primary healthcare: what can we learn about service performance, sustainability and quality?

Review Article 6 September 2017

What do evaluations tell us about implementing new models in rural and remote primary health care? Findings from a narrative analysis of seven service evaluations conducted by an Australian Centre of Research Excellence

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