Akisha R. Osei Sarfo

Asst Prof Akisha Osei Sarfo

qualifications: PhD

department: Center for Research in Education and Social Policy

Dr. Osei Sarfo leads the Accountability, Research and Planning Division for Guilford County Schools. Her division is in charge of assessments, research and evaluation, accountability, data analytics and reporting, student information, and planning. Her team’s work focuses on providing research and analysis in support of policy and programmatic decisions in the district. They work collaboratively with other divisions to provide data and research that drives improvements in student learning with a specific focus on reducing inequities in student outcomes and improving student experiences and life outcomes of their most impacted students. Under COVID-19, they have led efforts to distribute devices to students without access to technology, track student logins into their remote learning system, provide grading guidance, and are now working to understand student and parent engagement during this period as well as the impact of the transition to remote learning on learning loss.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 10 November 2021

Validity of the Food Insecurity Experience Scale and prevalence of food insecurity in The Bahamas

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