Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Comment: Inter-Island referrals in Solomon Islands: a remote hospital perspective

Humpress  Harrington

Humpress Harrington

qualifications: MAdvEd

contribution: original concept

position: Principal

Rowena   Asugeni

Rowena Asugeni

qualifications: BN

position: Director of nursing

Research interests includes; women & health in rural areas, improving access and acceptability of health in rural and remote areas using community innovation models

David   MacLaren

David MacLaren

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Senior research officer


Public Health in Melanesia Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention Culturally Appropriate Health Services Health of East Kwaio people (Malaita, Solomon Islands) Atoifi Adventist Hospital Services (Malaita, Solomon Islands) Socio-cultural understandings of health

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