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He’s here and he’s gone; he’s here and he’s gone… The experiences of new mothers in rural Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, whose partners work away from home

Holly M LeDrew

Ms Holly LeDrew

qualifications: MBA, MN, RN, CCHN (C)

contribution: Principal Investigator

position: Regional Manager, Communicable Disease Control

Holly is currently the Regional Manager of Communicable Disease Control in Eastern Health, St. John's, NL, Canada. Previously, Holly was an Educator and Researcher at Western Regional School of Nursing in Corner Brook, NL, Canada. It was during her time at the School of Nursing that she completed her research, along with her colleagues, into the Lived Experiences of New Mothers in rural Newfoundland and Labrador whose partner work away.

Pamela  Moores

Pamela Moores

qualifications: BN, MN, RN, CCHN (C)

contribution: Co-Investigator

position: Nurse Educator

Teach at Western Regional School of Nursing. Research interests including community nursing, health promotion and vulnerable populations.

Trudy  Read

Trudy Read

qualifications: RN, BN, MN, GNC (C)

contribution: Co-Investigator

position: Nurse Educator

Moira  O'Regan-Hogan

Moira O'Regan-Hogan

qualifications: RN, BN, M.Ed, CCHN (C)

contribution: Co-Investigator

position: Clinical Nurse Coordinator - Public Health

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