Volume nine, Issue 3

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Original Research

Life prevalence of upper respiratory tract diseases and asthma among children residing in rural area near a regional industrial park: cross-sectional study

Karakis I, Kordysh E, Lahav T, Bolotin A, Glazer Y, Vardi H, Belmaker I, Sarov B.

Published 30 July 2009 Europe

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Original Research

South Australian rural women's views of their pregnancy, birthing and postnatal care

Guest M, Stamp G.

Published 15 July 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Medical schools in rural areas - necessity or aberration?

Ahuka L.

Published 21 July 2009 Africa

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Original Research

Challenges faced in implementation of a telehealth enabled chronic wound care system

Barrett M, Larson A, Carville K, Skinner I.

Published 13 August 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Youth alcohol and drug use in rural Ireland - parents' views

Van Hout M.

Published 17 August 2009 Europe

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Original Research

A very public death: dying of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer (M/ARLC) in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Lee S, O'Connor M, Chapman Y, Hamilton V, Francis K.

Published 25 August 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Evaluation of a training program for device operators in the Australian Government's Point of Care Testing in General Practice Trial: issues and implications for rural and remote practices

Shephard M, Mazzachi B, Watkinson L, Shephard A, Laurence C, Gialamas A, Bubner T.

Published 10 August 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Interest in rural medicine among osteopathic residents and medical students

Colegrove D, Whitacre B.

Published 17 September 2009 North America

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Original Research

Accommodation needs for carers of and adults with intellectual disability in regional Australia: their hopes for and perceptions of the future

Eley DS, Boyes J, Young L, Hegney D.

Published 17 September 2009 Australasia

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Short Communication

Disparity in cancer survival between urban and rural patients - how can clinicians help reduce it?

Sabesan S, Piliouras P.

Published 17 July 2009 Australasia

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Short Communication

Health staff priorities for the future development of telehealth in Western Australia

Bahaadini K, Yogesan K, Wootton R.

Published 7 August 2009 Australasia

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Project Report

Reducing the risk of pandemic influenza in Aboriginal communities

Massey P, Pearce G, Taylor KA, Orcher L, Saggers S, Durrheim D.

Published 3 September 2009 Australasia

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Project Report

From the bush to the big smoke - development of a hybrid urban community based medical education program in the Northern Territory, Australia

Morgan S, Smedts A, Campbell N, Sager R, Lowe M, Strasser S.

Published 8 September 2009 Australasia

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