The impact of recession on the health care of rural citizens in the northwest United States

Reavy K.

17 July 2009 North America


The impact of recession on the health of rural citizens in British Columbia, Canada

Ostry A.

15 July 2009 North America

Original Research

Original Research

Adherence to cervical and breast cancer programs is crucial to improving screening performance

Mauad E, Nicolau S, Moreira L, Haikel Jr R, Longatto-Filho A, Baracat E.

22 September 2009 North America

Original Research

Interest in rural medicine among osteopathic residents and medical students

Colegrove D, Whitacre B.

17 September 2009 North America

Original Research

Accommodation needs for carers of and adults with intellectual disability in regional Australia: their hopes for and perceptions of the future

Eley D, Boyes J, Young L, Hegney D.

17 September 2009 Australasia

Original Research

An investigation of medication information transfer and application in aged care facilities in an Australian rural setting

Pierce D, Fraser G.

9 September 2009 Australasia

Original Research

Non-utilization of public healthcare facilities: examining the reasons through a national study of women in India

Dalal K, Dawad S.

3 September 2009 Asia

Original Research

Factors associated with intimate partner violence among pregnant rural women in Rwanda

Ntaganira J, Muula A, Siziya S, Stoskopf C, Rudatsikira E.

31 August 2009 Africa

Original Research

A very public death: dying of mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer (M/ARLC) in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia

Lee S, O'Connor M, Chapman Y, Hamilton V, Francis K.

25 August 2009 Australasia

Original Research

Development of a questionnaire for the study of malnutrition among children in rural Kelantan, Malaysia

Cheah W, Wan Abdul Manan W, Zabidi-Hussin Z, Chang C.

20 August 2009 Asia

Original Research

Youth alcohol and drug use in rural Ireland - parents' views

Van Hout M.

17 August 2009 Europe

Original Research

Challenges faced in implementation of a telehealth enabled chronic wound care system

Barrett M, Larson A, Carville K, Ellis I.

13 August 2009 Australasia

Original Research

Evaluation of a training program for device operators in the Australian Government's Point of Care Testing in General Practice Trial: issues and implications for rural and remote practices

Shephard M, Mazzachi B, Watkinson L, Shephard A, Laurence C, Gialamas A, Bubner T.

10 August 2009 Australasia

Original Research

Life prevalence of upper respiratory tract diseases and asthma among children residing in rural area near a regional industrial park: cross-sectional study

Karakis I, Kordysh E, Lahav T, Bolotin A, Glazer Y, Vardi H, Belmaker I, Sarov B.

30 July 2009 Europe

Original Research

Regional social system for specialized medical care in hematologic malignancies: a pilot study

Takita M, Tanaka Y, Matsumura T, Kishi Y, Kodama Y, Nishimura T, Goto T, Nagai M, Kami M.

28 July 2009 Asia

Original Research

Medical schools in rural areas - necessity or aberration?

Ahuka L.

21 July 2009 Africa

Original Research

Comparison of contraceptive choices of rural and urban US adults aged 18-55 years: an analysis of 2004 behavioral risk factor surveillance survey data

Tobar A, Lutfiyya M, Mabasa Y, Meena H, McGrath C, Brady S, Aguero C, Bales R, King M.

21 July 2009 North America

Original Research

South Australian rural women's views of their pregnancy, birthing and postnatal care

Guest M, Stamp G.

15 July 2009 Australasia



Australia's pandemic 'Protect' strategy: the tension between prevention and patient management

Eastwood K, Durrheim D, Massey P, Kewley C.

4 September 2009 Australasia


Swine influenza (H1N1) pandemic: developing countries' perspective

Khan M, Akbar S, Hossain S, Mahtab M.

14 August 2009 Australasia

Short Communication

Short Communication

Health staff priorities for the future development of telehealth in Western Australia

Bahaadini K, Yogesan K, Wootton R.

7 August 2009 Australasia

Short Communication

Disparity in cancer survival between urban and rural patients - how can clinicians help reduce it?

Sabesan S, Piliouras P.

17 July 2009 Australasia

Project Report

Project Report

From the bush to the big smoke - development of a hybrid urban community based medical education program in the Northern Territory, Australia

Morgan S, Smedts A, Campbell N, Sager R, Lowe M, Strasser S.

8 September 2009 Australasia

Project Report

Reducing the risk of pandemic influenza in Aboriginal communities

Massey P, Pearce G, Taylor K, Orcher L, Saggers S, Durrheim D.

3 September 2009 Australasia

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