Volume sixteen, Issue 3

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Original Research

Outreach programs: an adjunct for improving dental education

Verma A, Muddiah P, Krishna Murthy A, Yadav V.

Published 19 July 2016 Asia

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Original Research

Challenges in monitoring the development of young children in remote Aboriginal health services: clinical audit findings and recommendations for improving practice

D'Aprano A, Silburn S, Johnston V, Bailie R, Mensah F, Oberklaid F, Robinson G.

Published 18 August 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Developing and sustaining human resources in the health supply chain in Ethiopia: barriers and enablers

Kälvemark Sporrong S, Traulsen JM, Damene Kabtimer W, Mekasha Habtegiorgis B, Teshome Gebregeorgise D, Essah NA, Khan SA, Brown A.

Published 3 August 2016 Africa

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Original Research

Off the rails in rural South Carolina: a qualitative study of healthcare provider perspectives on the long-term health impact of the Graniteville train disaster

Ingram L, Tinago C, Estrada R, Wilson S, Wright Sanders L, Bevington T, Carlos B, Cornelius E, Svendsen ER, Ball J.

Published 24 September 2016 North America

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Original Research

What is a sustainable remote health workforce? People, practice and place

Onnis L.

Published 14 August 2016 Australasia

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Hospital closures and the current healthcare climate: the future of rural hospitals in the USA

Balasubramanian S, Jones EC.

Published 28 July 2016 North America

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Project Report

INFORMEG, a new evaluation system for family medicine trainees: feasibility in an Italian rural setting

Cavicchi A, Venturini S, Petrazzuoli F, Buono N, Bonetti D.

Published 10 August 2016 Europe

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Project Report

Using area health education centers to promote interest in rural practice

Taylor J, Goletz SE.

Published 14 September 2016 North America

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Project Report

Mental health academics in rural and remote Australia

Pierce D, Little F, Bennett-Levy J, Isaacs A, Bridgman H, Lutkin S, Carey TA, Schlicht KG, McCabe-Gutsa Z, Martin E, Martinez L.

Published 22 September 2016 Australasia

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