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Craig Veitch

Professor Craig Veitch was the inaugural Chair of Rural Health at James Cook University, Queensland from 2000 to 2007. In December 2007, he became the inaugural Professor of Community Based Health Care at The University of Sydney and the Director of the Centre for Community Based Health Care at Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney. His research interests include health care behaviour and decision making, health services research, road crashes, cancer, health workforce in rural areas, community based rehabilitation, and outreach rehabilitation services.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research
7 October 2015
Climate adversity and resilience: the voice of rural Australia

Original Research
20 May 2013
A national study into the rural and remote pharmacist workforce

Original Research
11 June 2012
Issues affecting therapist workforce and service delivery in the disability sector in rural and remote New South Wales, Australia: perspectives of policy-makers, managers and senior therapists

Original Research
10 February 2006
The career aspirations and location intentions of James Cook University's first cohort of medical students: a longitudinal study at course entry and graduation

Original Research
17 November 2005
The determinants of quality in procedural rural medical care

Original Research
15 November 2005
Medical family support needs and experiences in rural Queensland

Original Research
11 October 2005
The quality of procedural rural medical practice in Australia

Original Research
5 April 2002
Exploring indicators of experiential place integration in a sample of Queensland rural practitioners: a research note

Personal View
1 June 2004
Community involvement in medical practitioner recruitment and retention: reflections on experience

Preliminary Report
21 December 2006
Developing research capacity building for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Workers in health service settings

Research Note
3 October 2006
A descriptive study comparing health attitudes of urban and rural oncology patients



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