Volume sixteen, Issue 4

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The time is now: setting a rural health research agenda

Kulig J.

Published 20 November 2016 North America

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Original Research

Twenty-five years on: outcomes of a longitudinal evaluation of the NSW Rural Resident Medical Officer Cadetship Program

Lewis M, Ellis R, Adusumilli S, Cameron I.

Published 25 October 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Validating competencies for an undergraduate training program in rural medicine using the Delphi technique

Gouveia E, Braga TD, Heráclio SA, Pessoa BS.

Published 21 November 2016 Latin America

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Original Research

Changes in the oral health of the children of Dili, Timor Leste, between 2002 and 2014

Babo Soares LF, Allen P, Kingi J, Roberts-Thomson K, Bettiol S, Crocombe L.

Published 21 November 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Experiences of vision impairment in Papua New Guinea: implications for blindness prevention programs

Burnett A, Yashadhana A, Cabrera Aguas M, Hanni Y, Yu M.

Published 20 October 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Community adaptations to an impending food desert in rural Appalachia, USA

Miller W, Rogalla D, Spencer D, Zia N, Griffith BN, Heinsberg HB.

Published 3 November 2016 North America

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Original Research

Effect of medical student preference on rural clinical school experience and rural career intentions

Walters L, Seal A, McGirr J, Stewart RA, DeWitt D, Playford D.

Published 17 November 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Early elective delivery and vaginal birth after cesarean in rural US maternity hospitals

Heinrich D, Vogel RI, Kozhimannil K.

Published 15 November 2016 North America

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Original Research

Community assets and capabilities to recruit and retain GPs: the Community Apgar Questionnaire in rural Victoria

Terry DR, Baker E, Schmitz D.

Published 25 November 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Evaluation of reproductive health criteria in seasonal agricultural workers: a sample from Eskisehir, Turkey

Koyuncu T, Metintas S, Ayhan E, Oz F, Bugrul N, Gokler ME.

Published 8 December 2016 Europe

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Original Research

Assessing disaster preparedness and mental health of community members in Aceh, Indonesia: a community-based, descriptive household survey of a national program

Ismail N, Suwannapong N, Howteerakul N, Tipayamongkholgul M, Apinuntavech S.

Published 3 November 2016 Asia

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Original Research

Health promotion and empowerment in Henganofi District, Papua New Guinea

Barcham R, Silas E, Irie J.

Published 24 December 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Patient perceptions of a Virtual Health Room installation in rural Sweden

Naverlo S, Carson D, Edin-Liljegren A, Ekstedt M.

Published 25 November 2016 Europe

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Rural health service planning: the need for a comprehensive approach to costing

Kornelsen J, Barclay L, Grzybowski S, Gao Y.

Published 16 December 2016 International

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Challenges in the uptake of telemedicine in dentistry

Estai M, Kruger E, Tennant M, Bunt S, Kanagasingam Y.

Published 28 November 2016 Australasia

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Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in rural Australia

Haswell MR, Bethmont A.

Published 12 December 2016 Australasia

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Review Article

Prescription opioid prescribing, use/misuse, harms and treatment among Aboriginal people in Canada: a narrative review of available data and indicators

Russell C, Firestone M, Kelly L, Mushquash C, Fischer B.

Published 22 November 2016 North America

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Review Article

Telehealth services in rural and remote Australia: a systematic review of models of care and factors influencing success and sustainability

Bradford N, Caffery L, Smith A.

Published 17 October 2016 Australasia

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Review Article

Unintentional injury prevention and the role of occupational therapy in the Solomon Islands: an integrative review

Daufanamae B, Franklin RC, Eagers J.

Published 21 October 2016 Australasia

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Conference Report

Heart of the tropics: delivering evidence-based care for acute coronary syndromes in northern Australia

Starmer G, Schrale R.

Published 6 November 2016 Australasia

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Personal View

Contribution of military psychology in supporting those in rural and remote work environments

Deans C, Little EL.

Published 5 October 2016 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Solutions to physician undersupply in rural areas: from the experience of rural Fukushima

Yamamoto K, Ozaki A, Tanimoto T, Leppold C, Kanazawa Y.

Published 23 December 2016 Asia

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