Volume seventeen, Issue 2

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Original Research

Promoting community malaria control in rural Myanmar through an active community participation program using the participatory learning approach

Maung C, Sein T, Hlaing T, Okanurak K, Silawan T, Kaewkungwal J.

Published 13 May 2017 Asia

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Original Research

Patients' use of and attitudes towards self-medication in rural and remote Slovenian family medicine practices: a cross-sectional multicentre study

Klemenc-Ketis Z, Mitrovic D.

Published 7 April 2017 Europe

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Original Research

Measuring the attractiveness of rural communities in accounting for differences of rural primary care workforce supply

McGrail M, Wingrove PM, Petterson SM, Humphreys J, Russell D, Bazemore AW.

Published 28 April 2017 Australasia

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Original Research

Relevance of the Aboriginal Children's Health and Well-being Measure Beyond Wiikwemkoong

Young N, Wabano M, Blight S, Baker-Anderson K, Beaudin R, McGregor LF, McGregor L, Burke T.

Published 4 April 2017 North America

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Original Research

Is urban-rural location associated with weight status in school children? An examination of 42 small and rural Californian counties

Strochlic R, Au L, Ritchie L.

Published 18 April 2017 North America

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Original Research

Challenges to the provision of community aged care services across rural Australia: perceptions of service managers

Savy P, Warburton J, Hodgkin SP.

Published 31 May 2017 Australasia

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Original Research

Is remote health different to rural health?

Wakerman J, Bourke L, Humphreys J, Taylor J.

Published 26 May 2017 Australasia

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Short Communication

Feasibility of developing a pediatric telehealth network in Honduras with international consultation support

Brooks M, Holden KR, Durón RM, McElligott JT, Summer A.

Published 31 May 2017 Latin America

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Short Communication

Health justice partnerships: initial insights into the delivery of an integrated health and legal service for youth in regional Victoria

Ollerenshaw A, Camilleri M.

Published 26 April 2017 Australasia

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Short Communication

Cervical cancer screening in rural mountainous Honduras: knowledge, attitudes and barriers

Pryor R, Masroor N, Stevens M, Sanogo K, Hernández O'Hagan P, Bearman G.

Published 25 May 2017 Latin America

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