Volume nine, Issue 1

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Original Research

Why do medical graduates choose rural careers?

Henry J, Edwards B, Crotty B.

Published 28 February 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Reported reasons of medical students for choosing a clinical longitudinal integrated clerkship in an Australian rural clinical school

Denz-Penhey H, Murdoch JC.

Published 26 March 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Exploring factors that affect hospital referral in rural settings: a case study from Norway

Gjessing K, Faresjo T.

Published 4 February 2009 Europe

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Original Research

The Sustainable Farm Families Project: changing attitudes to health

Brumby SA, Willder S, Martin J.

Published 3 March 2009 Australasia

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Personal View

An innovative model improving success at university for regional Australians suffering educational and social disadvantage

Latham H, Hamilton M, Manners J, Anderson J.

Published 26 March 2009 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Pandemic influenza containment and the cultural and social context of Indigenous communities

Massey P, Miller A, Durrheim D, Speare R, Saggers S, Eastwood K.

Published 24 March 2009 Australasia

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