Shigeki  Matsubara

Prof Shigeki Matsubara

Since 2002, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Vice President of Center for Perinatal Medicine, Jichi Medical University, Tochigi, Japan. I have been working as an obstetrician for 3 decades and hitherto wrote 105 first author English peer-reviewed papers. The Chief of Clinical Research Support Team (CRST)-Jichi, which helps remote physicians to write scientific papers. I used to be a remote rural general physician myself.

Articles contributed to by this person

Clinical Case Report 26 May 2011

Is centralization in emergency rural medicine always right? Lessons learned from two cases of decompression sickness

Project Report 24 September 2014

Supporting rural remote physicians to conduct a study and write a paper: Experience of Clinical Research Support Team (CRST)-Jichi

Letter to the Editor 11 July 2012

Maternal rib fracture after manual uterine fundal pressure

Letter to the Editor 31 March 2016

An effective addition of uterine balloon tamponade (condom-balloon) in rural settings

Letter to the Editor 3 August 2011

Sharing area-specific information via an internet forum benefits rural clinicians: a lesson learned from a case with decompression sickness a remote island

Letter to the Editor 28 July 2011

Comment on: Patterns of transfer in labour and birth in rural New Zealand

Letter to the Editor 17 June 2013

Successful drainage for life-threatening colonic perforation by a young physician on a remote island

Letter to the Editor 3 May 2012

Common barriers to hospital delivery in rural Kenya and antenatal care in Japan

Letter to the Editor 12 September 2012

Available hemostatic measures for postpartum hemorrhage in rural settings

Comment 20 September 2012

Oral health care during pregnancy: four aims may be too many

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