Volume seventeen, Issue 4

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Rural health in Japan: past and future

Takamura A, Matsumoto M, Ishikawa S.

Published 6 December 2017 Asia

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Original Research

A simple, novel technique for fixing Penrose drains in minor surgeries, with advantages for remote outpatient clinics: a retrospective comparison with conventional drain fixation in North Ibaraki, Japan

Shibuya Y, Matsumoto G, Sasaki M, Sasaki K, Adachi K, Sekido M.

Published 3 October 2017 Asia

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Original Research

What are they thinking? Facilitating clinical reasoning through longitudinal patient exposure in rural practice

Campbell DG, Walters L, Couper I, Greacen J.

Published 18 December 2017 Australasia

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Original Research

Challenges to uptake of cancer education resources by rural Aboriginal Health Workers: the Cancer Healing Messages flipchart experience

Bierbaum M, Plueckhahn T, Roth F, McNamara C, Ramsey I, Corsini N.

Published 19 December 2017 Australasia

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Original Research

Household resources as determinants of child mortality in Ghana

Nutor J, Bell JF, Slaughter-Acey JC, Joseph JG, Apesoa-Varano E, De Leon Siantz M.

Published 10 October 2017 Africa

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Original Research

Marginalization and health service coverage among Indigenous, rural, and urban populations: a public health problem in Mexico

Roldán JA, Álvarez MA, Carrasco M, Guarneros N, Ledesma JÁ, Cuchillo-Hilario M, Chávez A.

Published 16 December 2017 Latin America

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Original Research

Encouragers and discouragers affecting medical graduates' choice of regional and rural practice locations

McKillop A, Webster CS, Bennett W, O'Connor B, Bagg W.

Published 7 December 2017 Australasia

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Original Research

A double whammy! New baccalaureate registered nurses' transitions into rural acute care

Smith JC, Vandall-Walker V.

Published 20 December 2017 North America

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Original Research

Understanding how emergency medicine physicians survive and thrive in rural practice: a theoretical model

Kolhatkar A, Keesey A, Bluman B, Lynn BM, Wilkinson T.

Published 17 November 2017 North America

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Original Research

Mobile emergency simulation training for rural health providers

Martin D, Bekiaris B, Hansen G.

Published 17 October 2017 North America

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Original Research

Rural–urban differences in unpaid caregivers of adults

Crouch E, Probst JC, Bennett KJ.

Published 22 November 2017 North America

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Review Article

Factors influencing suicide in older rural males: a review of Australian studies

Crnek-Georgeson KT, Wilson LA, Page A.

Published 15 October 2017 Australasia

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Short Communication

A review of the availability and cost effectiveness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management interventions in rural Australia and New Zealand

Brooke M, Spiliopoulos N, Collins M.

Published 10 October 2017 Australasia

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Rural Health History

The evolution of the Community Health Worker program in Papua New Guinea

Pilang C, Gray M, Oprescu F.

Published 1 November 2017 Australasia

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