Volume twenty-two, Issue 4

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.Original Research

Patient consultations during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a mixed-method cross-sectional study in 16 European countries

Petrazzuoli F, Gokdemir O, Antonopoulou M, Blahova B, Mrduljaš-Đujić N, Dumitra G, Falanga R, Ferreira M, Gintere S, Hatipoglu S, Jacquet J, Javorská K, Kareli A, Mohos A, Naimer S, Tkachenko V, Tomacinschii A, Randall-Smith J, Kurpas D.

Published 19 October 2022 Europe

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Original Research

Social support in rural communities in Manabi province, Ecuador

Madrid Miles CI, Bates BR, Casapulla SL, Grijalva MJ.

Published 3 November 2022 Latin America

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Original Research

Impact of COVID-19 on lifestyle and mental wellbeing in a drought-affected rural Australian population

Chan K, Xue H, Carlson J, Gray JM, Bailey J, Vines R.

Published 15 October 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

Setting a lived experience agenda for rural suicidality research in Canada

Ryan KD, Mullins S, Thomson A, Herron RV, Waddell-Henowitch C, Rauch K, Epp D.

Published 23 November 2022 North America

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Original Research

The Pharmacy Community Apgar Questionnaire: a modified Delphi technique to develop a rural pharmacist recruitment and retention tool

Terry DR, Peck B, Hills D, Bishop J, Kirschbaum M, Obamiro KO, Phan H, Baker E, Schmitz D.

Published 29 November 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

Internet health information seeking by primary care patients

Terrero Ledesma NE, Nájera A, Reolid-Martínez R, Escobar-Rabadán F.

Published 4 October 2022 Europe

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.Original Research

Do dose administration aids support medication adherence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? An exploration of patients’ perspectives, experiences and use on the North Coast of New South Wales

Walke E, Barclay L, Longman JM, Swain LS.

Published 1 December 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

Patient participation in tele-emergencies – experiences from healthcare professionals in northern rural Sweden

Dubois H, Bergenmar M, Härgestam M, Creutzfeldt J.

Published 8 December 2022 Europe

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Review Article

Experiences of rural and remote nurses during and following disasters: a scoping review

Brewer CA, Ranse J, Hammad K, Hutton A.

Published 31 October 2022 Australasia

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Review Article

Characteristics, barriers and facilitators of initiatives to develop interprofessional collaboration in rural and remote primary healthcare facilities: a scoping review

Perron D, Parent K, Gaboury I, Bergeron DA.

Published 1 November 2022 North America

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.Review Article

Comparing rural traffic safety in Canada and Australia: a scoping review of the literature

Mason HM, Randall J, Leggat PA, Voaklander D, Franklin RC.

Published 9 November 2022 North America

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Project Report

Reflections on an evaluation of the ‘Remote Health Experience’ – an interprofessional learning, cultural immersion program

Lenthall S, Moore L, Bower M, Stothers K, Raymond G, Rissel C.

Published 18 November 2022 Australasia

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Project Report

'COVID on Country': an innovative model safely supporting high-risk patients in Central Australia

Steere M, Goodwin S, Gardiner FW, Gray D, Carpenter D, Pryzibilla A, Quilty S.

Published 31 October 2022 Australasia

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Project Report

Seeking to improve access to COVID-19 therapeutics in the remote Torres and Cape communities of Far North Queensland during the first COVID-19 omicron outbreak

Galloway S, Taunton C, Matysek R, Hempenstall A.

Published 20 October 2022 Australasia

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Research Letter

Should we consider all statins the same? A reasonable approach from a rural GP may limit iatrogenic burden

Soavi C, Cavicchi M, Cavicchi A, Petrazzuoli F.

Published 27 November 2022 Europe

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