Volume five, Issue 2

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Original Research

Adolescent health: a rural community's approach

Harrowing J, Hagen B, Miller NK, Cooper N, Brown S.

Published 12 April 2005 North America

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Original Research

Factors that influence students in choosing rural nursing practice: a pilot study

Bushy A, Leipert B.

Published 19 April 2005 North America

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Original Research

Do benefits accrue from longer rotations for students in Rural Clinical Schools?

Denz-Penhey H, Shannon S, Murdoch JC, Newbury J.

Published 10 June 2005 International

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Rural proofing for health: a commentary

Swindlehurst H, Deaville J, Wynn-Jones J, Mitchinson K.

Published 9 May 2005 Europe

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Personal View

Trend towards centralisation of hospital services, and its effect on access to care for rural and remote communities in the UK

Mungall I.

Published 18 May 2005 Europe

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Preliminary Report

Video outreach journal club

Wilson S, Collins N.

Published 20 May 2005 International

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Preliminary Report

Planning and implementing the first stage of an oral health program for the Pika Wiya Health Service Incorporated Aboriginal Community in Port Augusta, South Australia

Parker E, Misan G, Richards L, Russell A.

Published 27 April 2005 International

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