Volume eight, Issue 1

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Original Research

Rural internships for final year students: clinical experience, education and workforce

Sen Gupta T, Muray RB, McDonell A, Murphy B, Underhill A.

Published 13 February 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

A new inter-professional course preparing learners for life in rural communities

Medves J, Paterson M, Chapman C, Young J, Tata E, Bowes D, Hobbs N, McAndrews B, O'Riordan A.

Published 21 February 2008 North America

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Original Research

Riverina men's study: a preliminary exploration of the diet, alcohol use and physical activity behaviours and attitudes of rural men in two Australian New South Wales electorates

O'Kane G, Craig P, Black D, Sutherland D.

Published 15 February 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

Rural parents' perspectives about information on child immunization

Miller N, Verhoef M, Cardwell K.

Published 18 March 2008 North America

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Original Research

Adolescent daily cigarette smoking: is rural residency a risk factor?

Lutfiyya M, Shah KK, Johnson M, Bales RW, Cha I, McGrath C, Serpa L, Lipsky M.

Published 26 March 2008 North America

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Social geography and rural mental health research

Boyd CP, Parr H.

Published 31 January 2008 Australasia

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West African refugee health in rural Australia: complex cultural factors that influence mental health

Nyagua J, Harris A.

Published 28 March 2008 Australasia

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Personal View

Attracting psychiatrists to a rural area - 10 years on

Wilks C, Oakley Browne MA, Jenner BL.

Published 14 February 2008 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Neonatal mortality in India - a goal in progress

Shetty S, Kamath GS, Menezes R, Rao D.

Published 18 March 2008 Asia

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Reply to Comment on: Developing the accredited postgraduate assessment program for Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Smith JD.

Published 5 February 2008 Australasia

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