Volume four, Issue 4

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Original Research

School based youth health nurses' role in assisting young people access health services in provincial, rural and remote areas of Queensland, Australia

Barnes M, Walsh A, Courtney M, Dowd T.

Published 1 December 2004 International

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Original Research

Violence against women in India: evidence from rural Maharashtra, India

Jain D, Sanon S, Sadowski L, Hunter W.

Published 22 November 2004 International

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Original Research

Food cost and availability in a rural setting in Australia

Burns C, Gibbon P, Boak R, Baudinette S, Dunbar J.

Published 4 November 2004 International

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Original Research

Undergraduate pre-registration nursing education in Australia: a longitudinal examination of enrolment and completion numbers with a focus on students from rural and remote campus locations

Nugent P, Ogle KR, Bethune E, Walker A, Wellman D.

Published 12 October 2004 International

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Original Research

Can medical students learn specialist disciplines based in rural practice: lessons from students' self reported experience and competence

Worley P, Strasser R, Prideaux D.

Published 23 November 2004 North America

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Clinical Review

Strongyloides serology - useful for diagnosis and management of strongyloidiasis in rural Indigenous populations, but important gaps in knowledge remain

Speare R, Durrheim D.

Published 8 October 2004 International

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Project Report

Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands: development, delivery and evaluation of a training programme for Aboriginal health workers to promote the musculoskeletal health of Indigenous people living in a rural community

Vindigni D, Parkinson L, Blunden S, Perkins J, Rivett D, Walker BF.

Published 10 December 2004 International

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