Volume nine, Issue 4

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Original Research

Public health nurses in rural/frontier one-nurse offices

Bigbee J, Gehrke P, Otterness N.

Published 14 December 2009 North America

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Original Research

Building rehabilitation capacity in rural New South Wales

Pryor J.

Published 9 November 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Developing a coordinated school health approach to child obesity prevention in rural Appalachia: results of focus groups with teachers, parents, and students

Schetzina KE, Dalton III W, Lowe EF, Azzazy N, VonWerssowetz KM, Givens C, Stern HP.

Published 24 October 2009 North America

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Original Research

Geriatric depression assessment by rural primary care physicians

Glasser M, Vogels L, Gravdal J.

Published 17 November 2009 North America

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Original Research

Outcome evaluation of community health promotion intervention within a donor funded project climate in Papua New Guinea

Ashwell H, Barclay L.

Published 21 November 2009 International

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Original Research

Rural student entry into a medical course: a South Australian rural high school perspective

Hoggan B, Laven G, Newbury J, Laurence C, Ryan V, Baillie S, Baker F.

Published 12 November 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Prevalence and correlates of high body mass index in rural Appalachian children aged 6-11 years

Montgomery-Reagan K, Bianco J, Heh V, Rettos J, Huston RS.

Published 16 October 2009 North America

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Original Research

A new model to understand the career choice and practice location decisions of medical graduates

Stagg P, Greenhill J, Worley P.

Published 28 November 2009 International

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Original Research

Comparing characteristics of epilepsy treatment providers on the Kenyan coast: implications for treatment-seeking and intervention

Kendall-Taylor N, Kathomi C, Rimba K, Newton CR.

Published 13 October 2009 Africa

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Original Research

Beyond risk factors to lived experiences: young women's experiences of health in Papua New Guinea

Hinton R, Earnest J.

Published 5 November 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Expectations and experiences associated with rural GP placements

Elliott T, Bromley T, Chur-Hansen A, Laurence C.

Published 27 November 2009 Australasia

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Short Communication

Management of minor medical problems and trauma: the role of general practice

Marinos GB, Vasileiou I, Katsargyris A, Klonaris CP, Korombelis P, Michail O, Valatsou A, Griniatsos J, Vlasis K, Siasos G, Souliotis K, Konstantopoulos K.

Published 19 October 2009 Europe

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Project Report

Developing strategies to enhance health services research capacity in a predominantly rural Canadian health authority

Miller J, Bryant MacLean L, Coward P, Broemeling A.

Published 21 December 2009 North America

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