Volume thirteen, Issue 4

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Original Research

Assessing the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing mitigation measures for an influenza pandemic in remote and isolated First Nations communities: a qualitative community-based participatory research approach

Charania N, Tsuji LJ.

Published 21 November 2013 North America

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Original Research

Rural Allied Health Scholarships: do they make a difference?

Devine S, Williams G, Nielsen I.

Published 24 October 2013 Australasia

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Original Research

Recruitment and retention of rural nursing students: a retrospective study

Bigbee J, Mixon D.

Published 25 October 2013 North America

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Original Research

One program, multiple training sites: does site of family medicine training influence professional practice location?

Jamieson J, Kernahan J, Calam B, Sivertz (the Late) KS.

Published 13 December 2013 North America

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Original Research

Description of healthcare needs at an episodic clinic in rural southwest Virginia

Snyder A, Milbrath G.

Published 13 December 2013 North America

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Review Article

Interprofessional practice education: is the 'interprofessional' component relevant to recruiting new graduates to underserved areas?

Deutschlander S, Suter E, Grymonpre R.

Published 20 November 2013 North America

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Project Report

Findings and lessons learned from a multi-partner collaboration to increase cervical cancer prevention efforts in Bolivia

Stormo A, Espey D, Glenn J, Lara-Prieto E, Moreno A, Nuñez F, Padilla H, Waxman A, Flowers L, Santos C, Soria M, Luciani S, Saraiya M.

Published 19 November 2013 North America

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