Volume twelve, Issue 1

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When will we ever learn? A case in support of a new relationship with remote-living Australians

Toyne P.

Published 23 February 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Determinants of under-five mortality in rural and urban Kenya

Ettarh R, Kimani J.

Published 13 March 2012 Africa

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Original Research

Investigating the feasibility of promoting and sustaining delivery of cardiac rehabilitation in a rural community

Courtney-Pratt H, Johnson C, Cameron-Tucker H, Sanderson S.

Published 2 January 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Examining variations in health within rural Canada

Lavergne M, Kephart G.

Published 29 February 2012 North America

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Original Research

Recruiting and retaining rural students: evidence from a faculty of dentistry in South Africa

McMillan W, Barrie R.

Published 13 March 2012 Africa

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Original Research

Generational differences in factors influencing physicians to choose a work location

Mathews M, Seguin M, Chowdhury N, Card RT.

Published 27 January 2012 North America

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Original Research

Use of traditional environmental knowledge to assess the impact of climate change on subsistence fishing in the James Bay Region of Northern Ontario, Canada

Hori Y, Tam B, Gough WA, Ho-Foong E, Karagatzides JD, Liberda EN, Tsuji LJ.

Published 22 March 2012 North America

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Original Research

Supporting international medical graduates in rural Australia: a mixed methods evaluation

Wright A, Regan M, Haigh C, Sunderji I, Vijayakumar P, Smith C, Nestel D.

Published 5 January 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Performance of rural health clinics: an examination of efficiency and Medicare beneficiary outcomes

Ortiz J, Wan T.

Published 6 February 2012 North America

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Original Research

A decade of Australian Rural Clinical School graduates - where are they and why?

Eley DS, Synnott R, Baker P, Chater AB.

Published 6 March 2012 Australasia

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Review Article

Are medical students influenced by preceptors in making career choices, and if so how? A systematic review

Stagg P, Prideaux D, Greenhill J, Sweet L.

Published 24 January 2012 Australasia

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Project Report

A new clinic model for refugee health care: adaptation of cultural safety

Reavy K, Hobbs J, Hereford M, Crosby K.

Published 16 January 2012 North America

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Project Report

Can medical education in poor rural areas be cost-effective and sustainable: the case of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine

Cristobal F, Worley P.

Published 8 February 2012 Asia

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