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Professor Ian Couper is Director of the Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health and Professor of Rural Health at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. A trained family physician, he spent nine years practising in a remote rural hospital in northern KwaZuluNatal province, and then 16 years working in primary care and health service development in rural North West province. He held the first chair of rural health at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). He has chaired both the Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa (RuDASA) and the Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice (WONCA Rural).

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 4 February 2024

Shaping the future rural healthcare landscape: perspectives of young healthcare professionals

Original Research 18 November 2023

Exploring the ideas of young healthcare professionals from selected countries regarding rural proofing

Original Research 31 October 2023

Lessons from innovation in medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic: student perspectives on distributed training

Original Research 7 May 2023

Developing conceptually sound items for a clinical courage questionnaire

Original Research 25 September 2021

The impact of interpersonal relationships on rural doctors’ clinical courage

Editorial 2 July 2021

Researching ‘others’

Editorial 14 June 2020

Surgical care at rural district hospitals in low- and middle-income countries: an essential component of universal health coverage

Editorial 13 June 2020

Support nurses and midwives to strengthen healthcare systems

Review Article 6 March 2018

Transformation of medical education through Decentralised Training Platforms: a scoping review

Original Research 18 December 2017

What are they thinking? Facilitating clinical reasoning through longitudinal patient exposure in rural practice

Rural Health History 28 July 2015

Rural health activism over two decades: the Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice 1992-2012

Editorial 3 December 2014

A new ally for the promotion of better rural health in Latin America

Project Report 16 August 2014

Addressing the shortage of health professionals in South Africa through the development of a new cadre of health worker: the creation of Clinical Associates

Conference Report 8 July 2013

Transforming rural health systems through clinical academic leadership: lessons from South Africa

Original Research 17 March 2011

Rural longitudinal integrated clerkships: lessons from two programs on different continents

Review Article 12 June 2009

A critical review of interventions to redress the inequitable distribution of healthcare professionals to rural and remote areas

Editorial 14 August 2008

The future, our rural populations and climate change - a special issue of Rural and Remote Health

Original Research 30 October 2006

Suicide and attempted suicide: the Rehoboth experience

Editorial 11 September 2006

Health and information in Africa: the role of the journal Rural and Remote Health

Original Research 6 September 2006

What interventions do South African qualified doctors think will retain them in rural hospitals of the Limpopo province of South Africa?

Project Report 24 October 2005

The Neonatal Resuscitation Training Project in Rural South Africa

Original Research 6 October 2005

Management of district hospitals - exploring success

Conference Report 29 September 2005

The most rural conference?

Conference Report 21 May 2004

Reframing the HIV/AIDS debate in developing countries I: setting the scene

Personal View 15 April 2004

Seeking quality: some experiences in South Africa

Personal View 24 July 2003

Rural health focus: organising CPD for rural hospitals

Personal View 17 July 2003

Rural hospital focus: defining rural

Personal View 4 July 2003

Rural hospital focus: students

Personal View 17 June 2003

Rural hospital focus: accommodation

Personal View 10 June 2003

Recruiting foreign doctors to South Africa: difficulties and dilemmas

Personal View 20 May 2003

Rural hospital focus: No transport, no primary health care

Personal View 7 May 2003

Rural hospital focus: staffing

Editorial 22 April 2002

The ethics of international recruitment

Editorial 6 March 2002

Working abroad

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