Volume twenty-four, Issue 1

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Original Research

A qualitative exploration of the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people using a real-time video-based telehealth service for diabetes-related foot disease

Graham K, Fitzpatrick K, Agius J, Loughry C, Ong E, McMillan N, Gunn K, Fitridge R.

Published 28 February 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Self-identified rurality in a nationally representative population in the US

Krutsinger DC, Yadav KN, Hart JL.

Published 8 January 2024 North America

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Original Research

Regional health inequalities in Australia and social determinants of health: analysis of trends and distribution by remoteness

Flavel J, Kedzior SG, Isaac V, Cameron D, Baum F.

Published 27 February 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Health and social care needs of people living with dementia: a qualitative study of dementia support in the Victorian region of Gippsland, Australia

Garrett MH, Azar D, Goeman D, Thomas M, Craig EA, Maybery D.

Published 18 January 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

The effects of various retention factors on the choice of where rural-origin Umthombo Youth Development Foundation health science graduates work

MacGregor R, Ross A.

Published 10 January 2024 Africa

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Original Research

Utilization of dental services by rural riverside populations covered by a Fluvial Family Health Team in Brazil

Cordeiro D, Herkrath FJ, Guedes AC, Garnelo L, Herkrath AC.

Published 16 January 2024 Latin America

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.Original Research

Nasal high flow therapy in remote hospitals: guideline development using a modified Delphi technique

West S, Franklin D, Harvey N, Cairns A.

Published 28 January 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Shaping the future rural healthcare landscape: perspectives of young healthcare professionals

Couper I, Lediga M , Takalani NB, Floss M, Yeoh AE, Ferrara A, Wheatley A, Feasby L, De Oliveira Santana MA, Wanjala MN, Tukur MA, Kotian SP, Rasic V, Shirindza V, Chater AB, Koller TS.

Published 4 February 2024 International

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Original Research

The Murray–Darling Medical Schools Network Research Collaboration: protocol for a longitudinal, multi-university program of work to explore the effect of rurally based medical school programs in the Murray–Darling region

Turner B, Bullock S, Butler S, Ferrington L, Macartney M, Major L, Monrouxe L, Osuagwu UL, Southwell P, Van Schaik L, Luscombe GM.

Published 12 January 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Informing the surgical workforce pathway: how rural community characteristics matter

Hughes D, Mammen J, Griebling TL, Brooks JV.

Published 2 January 2024 North America

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Original Research

Do predator attacks on productive species and the respective economic losses influence the psychological distress of farmers in Uruguay? A cross-sectional study

Ruiz P, Benítez G, Bobadilla P, Piedracueva M, Damián J.

Published 5 January 2024 Latin America

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Original Research

The iron status of rural Nigerian women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy: implications for the iron endowment and subsequent dietary iron needs of their babies

Nwanguma BC, Odo HC, Umeh BU, Arazu AV.

Published 13 February 2024 Africa

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Rural healthcare provider recruitment: time to focus on opportunities rather than scarcity

Weber BW.

Published 28 February 2024 North America

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Review Article

The landscape of non-psychotic psychiatric illness in rural Canada: a narrative review

Paquet J, Hibbard K, Brett-MacLean P.

Published 9 February 2024 North America

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Short Communication

Deepening regional disparities in primary health care during COVID-19 in South Korea

Jin H-Y, Ju J.

Published 22 January 2024 Asia

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Project Report

A rural doctor’s telehealth training program during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taylor AD, Connolly J, Pearce C.

Published 1 February 2024 Australasia

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Project Report

A visiting otolaryngology team in northern Ontario – demographics, clinical presentation and barriers to access

Campisi ES, Hong CJ, Monteiro E, Lin V, Russell B, Campisi P.

Published 31 January 2024 North America

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Self-identified rurality in the US

Continuing education programmes for health workers in rural and remote areas

WA Rural Health Conference 2024, 16–17 March 2024
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UOW Rural Health Research Conference 2024, 15–16 March 2024, Shoalhaven Campus UOW, NSW, Australia
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2024 Rural Medical Education Conference, 7 May 2024, New Orleans, LA, USA
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The 16th International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED 2024), 26–30 May 2024, Barcelona, Spain
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Rethinking Remote 2024 Conference, 6–7 June 2024, Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland
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13th EURIPA Rural Health Forum, 20–22 June 2024, Lincoln, UK
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International Conference on Rural Nursing and Rural Health (ICRNRH), 15–16 July 2024, Bali, Indonesia
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The Australasian College of Dermatologists 8th Rural Dermatology Meeting, 6–8 September 2024, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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UBUNTU 2024: People, Place, and Policy for Community Wellness, 10–13 September 2024, Cape Town, South Africa
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23rd International Balint Congress, 9–13 September 2024, Boulder, CO, USA
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17th National Rural Health Conference, 16–18 September 2024, Perth, WA, Australia
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RMA24, 23–26 October 2024, Darwin, NT, Australia
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International Conference on Rural Nursing and Rural Health (ICRNRH), 28–29 October 2024, Lisbon, Portugal
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15th National Rural & Remote Allied Health Conference: Going the distance, 21–23 October 2024, Mildura, Vic., Australia
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