Volume fourteen, Issue 2

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Original Research

'Heart attack' symptoms and decision-making: the case of older rural women

Jackson M, McCulloch B.

Published 5 May 2014 North America

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Original Research

Goal setting for health behavior change: evidence from an obesity intervention for rural low-income women

Ries A, Blackman LT, Page RA, Gizlice Z, Benedict S, Barnes K, Kelsey K, Carter-Edwards L.

Published 1 May 2014 North America

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Original Research

Nurses' experiences providing palliative care to individuals living in rural communities: aspects of the physical residential setting

Kaasalainen S, Brazil K, Williams A, Wilson D, Willison K, Marshall D, Taniguchi A, Phillips C.

Published 25 June 2014 North America

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Original Research

'I felt colonised': emerging clinical teachers on a new rural teaching platform

Blitz J, Bezuidenhout J, Conradie H, De Villiers M, Van Schalkwyk S.

Published 6 May 2014 Africa

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Original Research

Health priorities in an Australian mining town: an intercept survey

Skinner I, Skinner T, Bhana A, Voon N, Longley K.

Published 4 April 2014 Australasia

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Preventing rural workforce by design

Bowman R, Halasy M.

Published 14 June 2014 North America

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Review Article

Rural emergency medical technician pre-hospital electrocardiogram transmission

Powell A, Halon JM, Nelson J.

Published 2 May 2014 North America

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Review Article

Diabetic education in rural areas

Maez L, Erickson L, Naumuk L.

Published 16 June 2014 North America

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Short Communication

Factors affecting recruitment and retention of rehabilitation professionals in Northern Ontario, Canada: a cross-sectional study

Winn C, Chisholm B, Hummelbrunner J.

Published 9 April 2014 North America

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