Volume eight, Issue 2

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Original Research

Health behaviors and weight status among urban and rural children

Davis A, Boles R, James RL, Sullivan DK, Donnelly JE, Swirczynski DL, Goetz J.

Published 15 April 2008 North America

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Original Research

Forty years of allocated seats for Sami medical students - has preferential admission worked?

Gaski M, Abelsen B, Hasvold T.

Published 10 April 2008 International

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Original Research

Alcohol harm and cost at a community level: data from police and health

Lesjak M, McMahon GJ, Zanette L.

Published 9 April 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

3-Year results of a collaborative school-based oral health program in a remote First Nations community

Macnab A, Rozmus J, Benton D, Gagnon F.

Published 23 April 2008 North America

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Original Research

Quality of life in patients with sickle cell disease in Jamaica: rural-urban differences

Asnani M, Reid ME, Ali SB, Lipps G, Williams-Green P.

Published 11 April 2008 North America

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Original Research

Bullying perspectives among rural youth: a mixed methods approach

Kulig J, Hall B, Grant Kalischuk R.

Published 12 May 2008 North America

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Original Research

Malnutrition among women in sub-Saharan Africa: rural-urban disparity

Uthman O, Aremu O.

Published 13 June 2008 Africa

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Original Research

Cultural perceptions of healthy weight in rural Appalachian youth

Williams KJ, Taylor C, Wolf KN, Lawson RF, Crespo R.

Published 22 May 2008 North America

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Original Research

Obstetric services in small rural communities: what are the risks to care providers?

Kornelsen J, Grzybowski SW.

Published 24 June 2008 North America

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Original Research

Myocardial infarction and heart failure hospitalization rates in Maine, USA - variability along the urban-rural continuum

Harris D, Aboueissa A, Hartley D.

Published 26 June 2008 North America

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Project Report

Radiation therapy education for rural and remote GPs

Chapman N, Oultram SC, Jovanovic K.

Published 1 May 2008 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Public health implications of the 'National emergency intervention to protect the Indigenous children in the Northern Territory of Australia'

Thomas J.

Published 14 April 2008 Australasia

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