Volume nine, Issue 2

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Larson A.

Published 17 June 2009 International

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Original Research

Descriptive epidemiology of blood pressure in a rural adult population in Northern Ghana

Kunutsor S, Powles J.

Published 5 June 2009 Africa

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Original Research

Survey of a videoconference community of professional development for rural and urban nurses

Newman C, Martin E, McGarry DE, Cashin A.

Published 21 April 2009 International

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Original Research

The influence of a continuing education program on the image interpretation accuracy of rural radiographers

Smith T, Traise P, Cook A.

Published 24 April 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

Education to improve cancer care in rural South Australia

Hoon E, Newbury J, Chapman P, Price J.

Published 21 April 2009 Australasia

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Original Research

From sea to shining sea: making collaborative rural research work

Moffitt P, Mordoch E, Wells C, Martin Misener R, McDonagh M, Edge DS.

Published 15 June 2009 North America

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Original Research

Perceptions of UK medical students on rural clinical placements

Deaville J, Wynn-Jones J, Hays RB, Coventry PJ, McKinley RK, Randall-Smith J.

Published 2 June 2009 Europe

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Original Research

What older people want: evidence from a study of remote Scottish communities

King G, Farmer J.

Published 24 June 2009 Europe

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Areca nut and betel quid chewing among South Asian immigrants to Western countries and its implications for oral cancer screening

Auluck A, Hislop G, Poh C, Zhang L, Rosin MP.

Published 14 May 2009 North America

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Rural health in a time of cataclysm

Larson A, Jones P.

Published 11 May 2009 International

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Ten ideas for building a strong Australian rural health system

Greenhill J, Mildenhall D, Rosenthal DR.

Published 11 May 2009 Australasia

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Swine flu - an assessment of the Australian response

Hamilton A.

Published 16 June 2009 Australasia

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Short Communication

Differences in the prevalence of diabetes risk-factors among First Nation, Métis and non-Aboriginal adults attending screening clinics in rural Alberta, Canada

Oster R, Toth E.

Published 1 June 2009 North America

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Project Report

Reaching every district - development and testing of a health micro-planning strategy for reaching difficult to reach populations in Mongolia

Enkhtuya B, Badamusuren T, Dondog N, Khandsuren L, Elbegtuya N, Jargal G, Surenchimeg V, Grundy J.

Published 15 April 2009 Asia

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Project Report

Internet tool box for rural GPs to access mental health services information

Ollerenshaw A.

Published 19 June 2009 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Swine flu in rural Scotland - containment phase

Stark C, Tissington H, Ogilvie S, Tyrrell P, Smith V, Oates K.

Published 12 June 2009 Europe

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