Volume five, Issue 3

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Original Research

Management of Irukandji syndrome in northern Australia

Barnett F, Durrheim D, Speare R, Muller R.

Published 15 August 2005 International

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Original Research

Effect of an on-site emergency physician in a rural emergency department at night

Donald K, Smith T, Doherty S, Sundararajan V.

Published 13 September 2005 International

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Original Research

Measuring the frequency of functional gastrointestinal disorders in rural Crete: a need for improving primary care physicians' diagnostic skills

Lionis CD, Olsen-Faresjo A, Anastasiou F, Wallander M, Johansson S, Faresjo T.

Published 17 August 2005 Europe

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Original Research

What factors influence a family physician's decision to refer a patient to a specialist?

Iverson G, Coleridge ST, Fulda KG, Licciardone J.

Published 17 July 2005 North America

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Original Research

Rabies surveillance in the rural population of Cluj County, Romania

Bocsan IM, Brumboiu I, Coman A, Tarba R, Zanc V, Mihaiu M.

Published 20 September 2005 Europe

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Original Research

Understanding relationships between diabetes mellitus and health-related quality of life in a rural community

Thommasen H, Berkowitz J, Thommasen AT, Michalos AC.

Published 25 August 2005 North America

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Original Research

Inequalities in the distribution of rural primary care physicians in two remote neighboring prefectures of Greece and Albania

Theodorakis P, Mantzavinis G.

Published 30 August 2005 Europe

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Project Report

Development of 'rural week' for medical students: impact and quality report

Newbury J, Shannon S, Ryan V, Whitrow M.

Published 19 August 2005 International

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Project Report

Examining the effectiveness of the Savvy Caregiver Program among rural Colorado residents

Tompkins S, Bell P.

Published 14 September 2005 North America

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Conference Report

The most rural conference?

Couper I.

Published 29 September 2005 International

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Invited Personal View

Improving the health of rural Australians

Halton J.

Published 12 September 2005 International

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Preliminary Report

Development of a common national questionnaire to evaluate student perceptions about the Australian Rural Clinical Schools Program

DeWitt D, McLean R, Newbury J, Shannon S, Critchley J.

Published 19 September 2005 North America

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Worley P.

Published 12 July 2005 International

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