Volume seven, Issue 1

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New models or remodeling students or both?

Bowman R.

Published 22 February 2007 International

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Original Research

Studying nursing in a rural setting: are students adequately supported and prepared for rural practice? A pilot study

Gum L.

Published 5 March 2007 International

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Original Research

Supporting rural carers through telehealth

Van Ast P, Larson A.

Published 1 February 2007 International

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Rural medical education in Europe: the relevance of the Australian experience

Hays RB.

Published 27 February 2007 Europe

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Project Report

A novel resource model for underprivileged health support: Community Medical Outreach

Heravi M, Bertram J.

Published 21 February 2007 North America

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Personal View

How do we define 'rurality' in the teaching on medical demography?

Muula A.

Published 28 February 2007 Africa

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Rural Health History

The development of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society: creating capacity through connection

MacLeod M, Dosman JA, Kulig J, Medves J.

Published 27 March 2007 North America

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Letter to the Editor

Necrotizing otitis externa: an often unsettling disease in rural and remote Greek areas. The crucial role of family physicians in prevention and treatment

Eleftheriadou A, Ferekidis E, Korres S, Chalastras T, Yiotakis I, Soupidou P, Soulantinas K, Kandiloros D.

Published 20 March 2007 Europe

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