Volume thirteen, Issue 3

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Original Research

Women in the rural medical academic workforce

Playford D, Worthington R, Riley G.

Published 14 August 2013 Australasia

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Original Research

Self-assessed approach to improving school health in Niger

Takeuchi R, Boureima D, Mizuguchi D, Awazawa T, Kato Y, Akiyama T, Nonaka D, Kobayashi J.

Published 23 September 2013 Africa

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Original Research

Appalachian women's perspectives on breast and cervical cancer screening

Schoenberg N, Kruger T, Bardach S, Howell BM.

Published 10 September 2013 North America

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Original Research

Examination of the relative importance of hospital employment in non-metropolitan counties using location quotients

Smith J.

Published 30 July 2013 North America

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Original Research

Body Mass Index of First Nations youth in Ontario, Canada: influence of sleep and screen time

Gates M, Hanning R, Martin ID, Gates A, Tsuji LJ.

Published 14 September 2013 North America

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Original Research

Access to Medicare-funded annual comprehensive health assessments for rural people with intellectual disability

Burton H, Walters L.

Published 17 August 2013 Australasia

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Managing chronic diseases in rural aged care facilities using point-of-care testing systems

Khalil H, Halls H, Chambers H, Walker J, Shephard M.

Published 29 July 2013 Australasia

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Project Report

Birthing in the Barkly: births to Barkly women in 2010

Schultz R, Lockey R, Oats JJ.

Published 19 September 2013 Australasia

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