Paul  Worley

Prof Paul Worley


Emeritus Professor Paul Worley, Executive Director of Clinical Innovation at the Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network, former Australian Rural Health Commissioner and former Dean of the School of Medicine at Flinders University, is the Editor-in-Chief of Rural and Remote Health. Paul is a practicing rural doctor and, as Editor, shapes and guides the journal, oversees the review process and supports and advises authors, taking an active interest in the progress of each article in production.

Articles contributed to by this person

Editorial 10 December 2003

Emergence of the European Section of the international journal of Rural and Remote Health

Editorial 5 September 2012

A guide to reporting studies in rural and remote health

Editorial 31 March 2004

Good health to rural communities?

Editorial 3 December 2014

A new ally for the promotion of better rural health in Latin America

Editorial 30 June 2004

Always one doctor away from a crisis!

Editorial 24 March 2020

Why we need better rural and remote health, now more than ever

Editorial 22 December 2004

2004: The end of the beginning for Rural and Remote Health

Editorial 11 September 2006

Health and information in Africa: the role of the journal Rural and Remote Health

Editorial 2 July 2021

Researching ‘others’

Editorial 19 December 2002

Cost or community? You decide

Editorial 19 January 2022

Position statement: research and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in rural health journals

Editorial 22 April 2002

The ethics of international recruitment

Editorial 23 June 2005

Rural and remote communities - innovation in the midst of adversity

Editorial 11 November 2005

Special issue in collaboration with 'Education for Health': on this joint issue

Original Research 3 May 2004

Change of place, change of pace, change of status: rural community training for junior doctors, does it influence choices of training and career?

Original Research 16 October 2007

Developing the accredited postgraduate assessment program for Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Original Research 23 November 2004

Can medical students learn specialist disciplines based in rural practice: lessons from students' self reported experience and competence

Original Research 2 March 2001

Hypothetical model of the financial impact of student attachments on rural general practices

Original Research 17 April 2001

Rural intern training

Original Research 17 March 2011

Rural longitudinal integrated clerkships: lessons from two programs on different continents

Original Research 28 November 2009

A new model to understand the career choice and practice location decisions of medical graduates

Original Research 8 January 2004

Vertical integration of medical education: Riverland experience, South Australia

Original Research 5 November 2003

Parallel Rural Community Curriculum: is it a transferable model?

Commentary 21 July 2022

Indigenous Cultural Identity of Research Authors Standard: research and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in rural health journals

Review Article 20 June 2020

Setting priorities for rural allied health in Australia: a scoping review

Review Article 11 November 2005

The impact of medical students on rural general practitioner perceptors

Project Report 8 February 2012

Can medical education in poor rural areas be cost-effective and sustainable: the case of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine

Project Report 27 May 2019

The Northern Territory Medical Program – growing our own in the NT

Abstract 10 January 2023

Enhancing the local workforce outcomes for rural LICs: what is the role of the local health service in leading innovation in medical education?

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Correction, article no. 236: Parallel Rural Community Curriculum: is it a transferable model?

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