Volume twenty, Issue 4

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Original Research

Urban–suburban differences in the demographics and clinical profiles of type 2 diabetic patients attending primary healthcare centres in Malta

Cardona T, Calleja N, Pullicino G.

Published 19 November 2020 Europe

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Original Research

Prevalence of diarrheal diseases among schools with and without water, sanitation and hygiene programs in rural communities of north-eastern Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study

Gebrehiwot T, Geberemariyam BS, Gebretsadik T, Gebresilassie A.

Published 15 October 2020 Africa

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Original Research

Rural and urban disparities in oral hygiene practices among Peruvian children aged less than 12 years: Demographic and Family Health Survey 2018

Hernández-Vásquez A, Vargas-Fernández R, Azañedo D.

Published 29 October 2020 Latin America

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Original Research

Health service access and utilisation amongst culturally and linguistically diverse populations in regional South Australia: a qualitative study

Javanparast S, Naqvi S, Mwanri L.

Published 19 November 2020 Australasia

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Original Research

Ιdentifying patient-related barriers in hypertension control: a multi-centered, mixed-method study in Greek rural practices

Tsimtsiou Z, Kokkali S, Tatsioni A, Birka S, Papaioannou A, Dislian V, Andreou M, Haidich AB, Oikonomidou E.

Published 3 November 2020 Europe

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Original Research

Functional dependence among older adults: a cross-sectional study with a rural population of southern Brazil

Meucci RD, Aguiar De Oliveira AS, Araújo GC, Gonzalez TN, Pagliaro G, Hoffmann T, Marmitt LP.

Published 1 October 2020 Latin America

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Original Research

A bitter pill to swallow: registered nurses and medicines regulation in remote Australia

Pennington KR, Clark KD, Knight S.

Published 14 October 2020 Australasia

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Original Research

National study of the impact of rural immersion programs on intended location of medical practice in New Zealand

Abid Y, Connell CJ, Sijnja B, Verstappen AC, Poole P.

Published 23 November 2020 Australasia

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Original Research

Elders suffering recurrent injurious falls: causal analysis from a rural tribal community in the eastern part of India

Lahiri A, Jha SS, Chakraborty A.

Published 21 October 2020 Asia

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Original Research

Personal resilience and rural doctors retention: a study in Indonesia

Handoyo NE, Rahayu GR, Claramita M, Ash J, Schuwirth LW.

Published 21 October 2020 Australasia

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Original Research

Sustainability of a rural volunteer program (Nav-CARE): a case study

Duggleby W, Pesut B, Warner G, Nekolaichuk C, Hallstrom LK, Elliott B, Swindle J, Ghosh S.

Published 10 October 2020 North America

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Original Research

Does driving using a Green Beacon reduce emergency response times in a rural setting?

Mallinson T.

Published 6 October 2020 Europe

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Original Research

Decisions on cancer care by Indigenous peoples in Alberta and Saskatchewan: a narrative analysis

Roberts RA, Groot G, Carr T.

Published 13 November 2020 North America

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Domestic migrant workers in India returning to their homes: emerging socioeconomic and health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jha SS, Lahiri A.

Published 20 November 2020 Asia

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Growing the pool of rural general practitioners

O'Toole RF, Wright J.

Published 6 November 2020 Australasia

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Climate change and rural mental health: a social geographic perspective

Boyd CP, Parr H.

Published 1 December 2020 Australasia

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Teaching psychomotor skills online: exploring the implications of novel coronavirus on health professions education

Seymour-Walsh AE, Weber A, Bell A, Smith T.

Published 6 November 2020 Australasia

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Review Article

Health service delivery and workforce in northern Australia: a scoping review

Edelman A, Grundy J, Larkins S, Topp SM, Atkinson D, Patel B, Strivens E, Moodley N, Whittaker M.

Published 28 November 2020 Australasia

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Review Article

Strategies to increase the pharmacist workforce in rural and remote Australia: a scoping review

Obamiro KO, Tesfaye WH, Barnett T.

Published 30 November 2020 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

Clonidine for pain-related distress in Aboriginal children on a penicillin regimen to prevent recurrence of rheumatic fever

Mitchell A, Kelly J, Cook J, Atkinson N, Spain B, Remenyi B, Wade V, Ralph AP.

Published 5 November 2020 Australasia

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Short Communication

Seventeen states enacted executive orders expanding advanced practice nurses’ scopes of practice during the first 21 days of the COVID-19 pandemic

Feyereisen S, Puro N.

Published 3 December 2020 North America

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